About ethicalDeal

We're on a mission to make greener choices easier for everyone. The top 3 reasons preventing people from making greener choices are price, education and trust. We remove these barriers by offering greener choices at up to 70% off, provide info on how to use it and the benefits, and explain how it meets our ethical criteria. We hope our deals inspire you to live a healthy green lifestyle! You can also find green living tips and healthy recipes on our blog.

Annalea Krebs - Founder & CEO

Bio Annalea

A social entrepreneur, Annalea is a passionate individual whose mission to make green mainstream inspires those around her. Annalea recognized that the top 3 reasons preventing people from purchasing green products were: they think they are too expensive, they don't know where to find them, and they don't know what to trust. For Annalea, ethicalDeal is the solution to this problem as people can trust ethicalDeal to find the best green products and can try them out at an introductory price.

Prior to founding ethicalDeal, Annalea managed the marketing for various social enterprises and green businesses including: TheChange.com, Values-Based Business Network, and Organic Islands Festival. She believes that business can be a powerful force for change, and loves companies that are built to make the world better.