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Dragonfly Dreaming - Victoria 62% off a perfume workshop and 100-mile luncheon ($180 value)



  • Value $180.00
  • Discount 62%
  • You Save $111.00
  • [Image: 62% off a perfume workshop and 100-mile luncheon ($180 value)]

Fine Print

Limited quantities available. Limit 1 per person. May buy multiples as gifts. Tax not included. Get 20% off essential oils and other Dragonfly Dreaming products. Redeem via phone or email. Min 6, max 10 people per workshop. See Redemption Instructions for details. Voucher not valid until Jun. 27, 2012. Expires Aug. 25, 2012.

See redemption instructions for details or read the deal FAQs for the basics.


  • Create a personalized scent with organic essential oils
  • No synthetic fragrance or parabens used
  • 100-mile organic Cowichan luncheon & fresh lavender distillate included
  • Get 20% off Dragonfy Dreaming products

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July 02, 2012 at 12:00:05 AM

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Discover what's ethical about today's deal!

Cares For The Planet

  • Uses natural, organic ingredients for perfumes

Respects Animal Rights

  • Does not use animal ingredients or test on animals

Benefits the Community

  • Supports local organic farmers

Promotes Wellness

  • No petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance or parabens used
  • Promotes mental relaxation through aromatherapy

Dragonfly Dreaming

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Redemption Instructions

1. Purchase this ethicalDeal voucher (find it on your My Stuff page after purchase)
2. Starting Jun. 27,2012, redeem your voucher by calling 250-743-8036 or emailing dragonflydreaming@shaw.ca to book your workshop (see options below)
3. Quote your voucher # when booking and bring it to the workshop at:

Dragonfly Dreaming
3616 Garland Avenue
Cobble Hill, BC
Get Directions 

Workshop Schedule:
Jul. 28 or 29 10am - 4pm
Aug. 4 or 5 10am - 4pm

Please note: minimum 6, maximum 10 participants per workshop. More workshops scheduled according to demand.

Deal Description

Why We Love It

*Limited quantiites available*

Is your perfume reminiscent of that tribal eau de toilette spray that was all the rage in high school? Nostalgia is great, but maybe you'd like to try crafting a natural scent that's uniquely you with today’s ethicalDeal: $69 gets you into the Sense of Scents perfume workshop with distiller Beth Lischeron at Dragonfly Dreaming Studio in Cobble Hill. Includes a 100-mile organic luncheon and fresh lavender distillate to take home!

Beth Lischeron, founder of Dragonfly Dreaming, takes you on a journey into the mysterious world of the olfactory. With this voucher, you'll experience a blind scent tour through Beth’s amazing collection of essential oils and lush gardens. After the tour, you'll watch a distillation demonstration, and get to create your own 10ml natural essential oil perfume. Your voucher also includes a delicious, 100-mile luncheon made with fresh, local ingredients from the Cowichan Valley. Before you go, take advantage of 20% off Dragonfly Dreaming products and essential oils.

Awaken your spirit, relax your mind and create a unique scent with today's ethicalDeal. 


Read what happy customers are saying about Dragonfly Dreaming

"Beth, I was the lady who came back to your table yesterday at the chocolate and lily festival to give you a hug. Well I want to give you another one for your "power surge" (Tera*Par*Fume blend). Before bed I put it on the pulse points and finally had a good, cool nights sleep. My husband could not believe the difference that using this wonderful product could make after just a few hours!! I slept well for the first time in months!!! No on and off with covers or up and down to cool off. I am so thankful for this and for you..."

"One of the things that makes your soap stand out is that, compared to other glycerin soaps, they don't lose their colour or scent - and don't have that awful cloying fragrance oil smell of course! — and they don't get all slimey — and they last for a phenomenally long time! AND — they look absolutely fabulous in our bathrooms! AND AND even my husband loves your scent blends!"
S. D., Customer 

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