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Woolzies - Victoria 50% off natural laundry-softening wool dryer balls ($36 value, tax included)



  • Value $36.00
  • Discount 50%
  • You Save $18.00
  • [Image: 50% off natural laundry-softening wool dryer balls ($36 value, tax included)]

Fine Print

Must pick up at selected location between Dec. 3 and Dec. 9, 2012. Limit 2 per person. May buy unlimited as gifts. Tax included. Product is final sale, non-returnable. This deal is being sold to you to by the manufacturer.

See redemption instructions for details or read the deal FAQs for the basics.


  • 6 x pure wool dryer balls 
  • Reduce drying time by 25% – save money on your utility bill!
  • Softens clothes without use of chemicals or dryer sheets
  • Good for up to 500 loads!

This deal ended on

November 26, 2012 at 12:00:24 AM

Closed on November 26, 2012 at 12:00:24 AM

with 193 bought !

Discover what's ethical about today's deal!

Cares For The Planet

  • Makes products that reduce drying time to conserve energy
  • Makes products that are natural and chemical-free

Respects Animal Rights

Benefits the Community

  • Handmade by women in Nepal who are paid a living wage

Promotes Wellness

  • Makes products that are chemical-free and non-irritating


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Redemption Instructions

1. Purchase this ethicalDeal Grocery voucher
2. At checkout, choose the grocery store nearest you as your pick-up location
3. Between Dec. 3 and Dec. 9, 2012, bring your printed or mobile voucher to the Customer Service counter at the grocery store you selected
4. That's it! Feel free to shop around for other healthy green groceries while your order is fetched!

Pick-up locations:

  • Fairfield: Fairfield Market
    1275 Oscar St. Victoria, BC V8V 2X6
  • Downtown: Ingredients Health Food Store
    2031 Store St. Victoria, BC V8T 5L9
  • Langford: Market on Millstream
    2401 Millstream Rd. Victoria, BC V9B 3R5
  • Downtown: Market on Yates
    903 Yates St. Victoria, BC V8V 3M4
  • James Bay: Niagara Grocery
    579 Niagara St. Victoria, BC V8V 1H8
  • Royal Oak: Red Barn Market
    751 Vanalman Ave. Victoria, BC V8Z 3B8
  • West Saanich: Red Barn Market
    5550 West Saanich Rd. Victoria, BC V9E 2G1
  • Cordova Bay: Red Barn Market
    5325 Cordova Bay Rd. Victoria, BC V8Y 2L3
  • West Shore: Red Barn Market
    611 Brookside Rd. Victoria, BC V9C 0C3

Deal Description

Why We Love It

Why We Love Them

Nothing beats warm jammies fresh from the dryer, but the more your dryer tumbles, the more energy it hogs (and the more money your utility company demands in exchange). Make laundry-doing more energy efficient: $18 gets you six natural wool dryer balls from Woolzies ($36 value) and 25% less time standing in front of the dryer, waiting for your flannels. Woolzies dryer balls last for up to 500 loads of laundry – imagine saving 25% of your energy on that many washes!


- 100% pure New Zealand wool

About Woolzies

Woolzies All Natural Dryer Balls are made of pure New Zealand wool, with no chemicals, fragrances, or dyes. In addition to cutting down your dryer time, they’re also a natural fabric softener – no need for dryer sheets or chemical fabric softeners with these little guys bouncing around. Woolzies are made by hand by women in Nepal, who are paid a living wage that benefits their families and communities.


"I purchased Woolzies because my infant son has eczema. In addition to using fragrance- and dye-free detergent, I wanted our clothes to be soft but without using fabric softner. Woolzies are the answer. Our clothes come out static-free, fluffy, and they even dry faster (bonus!). My son's eczema has also seemed to calm down. I'm very pleased with this purchase and have already recommended them to friends and family."
Julie B., amazon.com

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