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BodyMind Institute - National 84% off The Awakening Certification online spiritual course with Larry Wayne ($797 value)



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Limited quantities available. Limit 1 per person. May buy multiple as gifts. Tax included. Voucher is valid immediately after purchase. The BodyMind Institute offers a 30-day money back guarantee valid if 10% or less of the course has been accessed within the 30-day period. Course is valid for 365 days from commencement. See Redemption Instructions for details. Please register between Jan. 26, 2013 and Feb. 2, 2013.

See redemption instructions for details or read the deal FAQs for the basics.


  • Spiritual training course with renowned life coach Larry Wayne
  • Become a certified Awakening Coach
  • Connect with the Spirit and teach others to do so
  • 1-year online access to the course materials
  • Step-by step metaphysical tools, techniques, meditations and more

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Cares For The Planet


Respects Animal Rights

Benefits the Community

  • Offers a free student pass through the Global Education Project consisting of content applicable to children’s education through fun activities that accelerate learning, and adult education in health and consciousness

Promotes Wellness

  • Promotes balance of body, mind and spirit

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2. BodyMind Institute will contact you with your registration information within two weeks after the deal closes; you do not need to contact BodyMind Institute 

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The Awakening Certification with Larry Wayne

Deal Description

Why We Love It

Would you like to connect to Spirit, know who you truly are, and then guide others in their own spiritual journeys? Awaken to your spiritual strength with today’s ethicalDeal: $129 gets you Larry Wayne's The Awakening Certification course, delivered online via the BodyMind Institute ($797 value, tax included).

World-renowned life coach Larry Wayne, known as the “Spiritual Pathfinder,” has been the best-kept secret behind many successful business leaders. With your voucher, you’ll gain 365 days of online access to Larry Wayne's course, comprised of step-by-step metaphysical tools, techniques, meditations and knowledge essential to becoming an effective spiritual teacher, mentor and inspired leader. Upon completion, you’ll be granted The Awakening Certification and be a certified Awakening Coach. You can then provide guidance to your clients or students to help them to experience their own awakening.

In this course you will learn to:

- Immerse into self-love to heal, grow, change, expand and evolve
- Master your negative thoughts and base your decisions in Spirit
- The keys to infinite self-value, self-worth, and self-esteem
- Resolve human negative need to attract true wealth and real happiness
- Use visions, symbols and imagery to activate your creative force and unite with the power of the soul
- Realize the body as the power source and allow oneness with Spirit to become your first priority
- Discover the meaning of soul mates and attract true love and friendship into your life
- Create unique development programs to work with your clients and loved ones
- Help others identify their true life purpose and mission
- Guide your clients through healing to true abundance and success 

Come to your awakening with today’s ethicalDeal.

About the BodyMind Institute

Founded by Lars Gustafsson, the BodyMind Institute offers online educational courses in a variety of subjects in a way that’s practical and immediately applicable to the student’s life. Courses cover nutrition, fitness, spirituality, natural health and more, taught by qualified instructors. 


"As your mentor, Larry not only brings to you his wealth of experience and success, he actually guides and coaches you with compassion, an open mind and heart, delivering the best of his work without holding anything back, in order for You his student to maximize your results."
Lynette C.

"The sessions that we shared helped me to refocus my intent, to learn in a different way and to regain a portion of the balance I had lost. Your assistance in reawakening the spirit that guided me in my life's journey was timely and invaluable."
Rick H.

"As the founder of The BodyMind Institute, I've had the honor to work with Larry Wayne to develop the curriculum for this course. You and I both get to learn from one of the greatest spiritual educators and guides of our age! I became Awakened within the first 15 minutes of meeting Larry."
Lars Gustafsson

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