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Yogis Anonymous - ethicalMarketplace 69% off a 3-month online yoga class membership ($45 value)



  • Value $45.00
  • Discount 69%
  • You Save $31.00
  • [Image: 69% off a 3-month online yoga class membership ($45 value)]

Fine Print

Limited quantities available. Limit 2 per person. May buy multiple as gifts. Tax included. Redeem online. Voucher not valid until Jul. 3, 2012. Expires Oct. 3, 2012. See Redemption Instructions for details. 

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This deal ended on

July 01, 2012 at 12:00:26 AM

Closed on July 01, 2012 at 12:00:26 AM

with 45 bought !

Discover what's ethical about today's deal!

Cares For The Planet

Respects Animal Rights

Benefits the Community

Promotes Wellness

  • Offers easily accessible and affordable online yoga videos for all levels of ability, spreading the benefits of yoga worldwide!

Yogis Anonymous

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Redemption Instructions

1. Purchase this ethicalDeal voucher (find it on your My Stuff page after purchase)
2. Starting Jul. 3, 2012, redeem your voucher by registering online for the monthly membership at YogisAnonymous.com
3. Enter your voucher # in the coupon code field

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Deal Description

Why We Love It

When the only thing stopping you from going to yoga is that dreadful rainstorm outside, don't get your yoga shorts in a knot. Get access to hundreds of yoga videos, including live streaming ones, featuring world-renowned teachers, with today’s ethicalDeal: $14 gets you a 3-month online membership ($45 value) to Yogis Anonymous.

Yogis Anonymous is not just a popular yoga studio in Santa Monica, they’re also an online resource for people who want the convenience of doing yoga when and where they please, and with expert instruction. With your voucher, you get a 3-month membership to YogisAnonymous.com, where you’ll get access to nearly 700 high quality yoga videos, suitable for beginners to advanced yogis, ranging from 5- to 90-minutes in length. You’ll also get access to their live streaming videos, with more added to the online library every day. Check out some preview videos here

Practice yoga in your PJs or your birthday suit whenever you like with today’s ethicalDeal.


Read what one happy yogi had to say about Yogis Anonymous:

"Couldn't love your online classes more... wanted to do some restorative yoga before bed time, obviously want to do it in my PJ's at home and you give me that gift! much gratitude."
Sara S., Facebook

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