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LaVigne Organics - Victoria 60% off Organic Skin Care Products ($50 value)



  • Value $50.00
  • Discount 60%
  • You Save $30.00
  • [Image: 60% off Organic Skin Care Products ($50 value)]

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  • Natural, organic products; scent-free options
  • Heal, nourish, protect your skin
  • Cleansers, salt scrubs, lotions, creams, mists, healing balms and more!
  • Great gift ideas

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LaVigne Organic Skincare
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Deal Description

Why We Love It

Skin care means using products that truly care for your skin. Treat your skin to natural, organic healing creams with today’s ethicalDeal: $20 gets you $50 towards organic skin care products from LaVigne Organic Skincare’s online store.

LaVigne Organic Skincare is produced in Vancouver using high-quality, organic ingredients free of parabens and harsh chemicals. Moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliants, healing balms and more sooth the skin with the deep nourishment of shea butter, helichrysum oil and Tepezcohuite (“tep-ez-co-heety”), LaVigne’s feature ingredient. Tepezcohuite is a non-toxic, anti-bacterial cellular regenerator derived from Mexican “skin trees”. Mayans used it for centuries as skincare, and recent lab studies have proven it effective in the treatment of burns, scars, stretch marks, eczema, rashes, blemishes, age lines and a variety of other skin concerns. Try Mayan Magic Healing Balm ($16+) for a dense cream with powerful regenerating abilities or DMAE for a lighter face moisturizer that smoothes out damaged and dry skin ($40+). The natural fruit enzyme peel ($40), body lotion ($20) and body scrub ($18) are also popular items. With ingredient like seaweed extract, essential oils and green tea you can feel good about what you put on your skin.

Soothe and revitalize your skin with the nurturing ingredients it deserves with today’s ethicalDeal.


LaVigne Organic products have achieved celebrity status having been featured in the Grammy’s gift lounge. Their products have received rave reviews from Yoyomama, Granville Online, amongst others. Read what others think about this organic skin care line:

"Yes, there are many organic skincare lines to choose from. For me, I always consider things like price, the ingredients, ethical factors, packaging, texture and scent, and the results before recommending a product. Lavigne Organic skincare delivers in all categories."
-Victoria R., Granville Online

"Faced with a very painful sunburn we gave Mayan Magic a whirl. It immediately soothed our skin and the red faded fast without any peeling or itching. Our rather unscientific tests have also shown it to soothe bug bites, exzema, and we’ve even started using it as our face cream. So it is a little big magic after all."

"I tried Plump & Firm Tri-Active Peptide Cream and was thrilled by how supple and bright my skin was after just one application! I like that the cream is light, but absorbs immediately. You skin feels quenched and nourished right away. Oh, the scent is so pretty – light and floral. And no need to worry about feeling greasy with this beauty!"
-The Knack

"Lavigne Organics Mayan Magic Balm contains Tepezcohuite, the bark of a tree native to Mexico and northern Brazil … the Mayans used to roast this bark to treat lesions and it has so many other benefits like treating other skin ailments like rashes, psoriasis, and burns. Remember the dry spot I told you about on my ankle and my toe? This takes care of it lickety-split!"
-Cybele Says

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Did You Know?

Non-organic skin care products contribute to the thousands of chemicals washed down the drain. These disrupt aquatic ecosystems, seep into the soil, contaminate farms, and contribute to cancer and infertility among populations of marine life and wildlife. Learn more...