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CareerCycles - ethicalMarketplace 60% off a professional career counselling session ($87 value)



  • Value $87.00
  • Discount 60%
  • You Save $52.00
  • [Image: 60% off a professional career counselling session ($87 value)]

Fine Print

Limit 1 per person. May buy multiple as gifts. Includes a 50-min consultation with practice leader Mark Franklin, tailored Career Sketch, career story mp3, and career program recommendation. Cannot be combined with other offers. Apply $35 voucher value as a credit toward customized career program, plus 15% off. Voucher not valid until May 29, 2012. Expires Aug. 29, 2012.

See redemption instructions for details or read the deal FAQs for the basics.


  • Get relief from your career pain
  • A holistic, story-based (narrative) approach
  • Enjoy your work, achieve career wellbeing
  • Give as a gift to someone you care about!

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May 27, 2012 at 12:00:23 AM

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Discover what's ethical about today's deal!

Cares For The Planet

  • Is a business partner with Cycle Toronto, which advocates for safer streets for cyclists
  • Recommends cycling and walking routes near the office

Respects Animal Rights

Benefits the Community

  • Has helped people enjoy life and career enriching experiences for 10 years with a community services component in Nicaragua, Cuba and Ontario
  • Is a social enterprise with its social mission at the heart of its work: helping people fully express who they are and how they want to be in the world of work

Promotes Wellness

  • Promotes career wellbeing and relief from career pains, which align with the World Health Organization’s definition of mental health
  • Helps enrich the career wellbeing of humanity


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Redemption Instructions

1. Purchase this ethicalDeal (find it on your My Stuff page after purchase)
2. Starting May 29, 2012, call 416-465-9222 or email service@careercycles.com to book your career counselling session
3. Quote your voucher # when booking

In-person counselling session location:

201 - 873 Broadview Avenue
Toronto, ON
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Deal Description

Why We Love It

*Limited quantities available*

Positive psychology research shows that people are happier when they use their strengths daily at work. Learn how to turn your strengths and desires into a career you’ll love, and make your work more fulfilling with today’s Ethical Deal: $35 gets you the first session in a career counselling program ($87 value), including a 50-minute phone, Skype (North America wide) or in-person (Toronto only) consultation, a substantive Career Sketch with at least three career insights to take away and apply to your career and life, career story mp3, and career program recommendation tailored to your needs from CareerCycles.

CareerCycles is a career management social enterprise that takes a holistic, narrative approach to career counselling. By helping people fully express who they are throughout their careers and lives, CareerCycles inspires, empowers, and sparks high levels of engagement, wellbeing, performance and productivity. With your voucher you get a 50-minute one-on-one phone, Skype or in-person (Toronto only) consultation with CareerCycles practice leader, Mark Franklin. Mark’s 10,000+ hours of direct experience with over 2000 clients in the field of career management, along with his Masters in Counselling Psychology will go to work to help you uncover a clear path toward a fulfilling career. Your consultation will produce a "Career Sketch" that starts you thinking about your life direction and career in a new, healthier way, and you’ll also receive an inspirational career story mp3 to help spark the beginning of your journey. Your voucher also gets you a career program recommendation, and if you choose to proceed, you can use the $35 value of your voucher as a credit, plus get an additional 15% off!

No need to reinvent yourself – learn to REDEPLOY your strengths in a new way with today’s Ethical Deal.


Read what clients are saying about Mark Franklin and CareerCycles:

“I am SO grateful and lucky that I had a chance to work with Mark. He helped me regain confidence to believe in my dreams again. It’s incredibly valuable to have support and guidance when you are making a big change in your life. At this stage of life I want to go in the right direction and until I met Mark, I was lost and losing confidence in the potential I felt I had but couldn’t see in myself anymore.”
Liz P., Client

“Your methodology provides so much encouragement, as well as clarity of self and circumstances, that it becomes impossible not to take action. I am very grateful for your assistance in my time of need."
Rui U., Client

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