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The Cleanse Chronicles: Saying Goodbye to Cravings

Breaking up is hard to do – saying goodbye to cravings while on the Wild Rose Cleanse (and a yummy blueberry milkshake recipe) by ethicalDeal guest blogger Jenn Chic

Blueberry Milkshake Recipe for Vegans and Wild Rose Detox

(Photo by Jenn Chic)

The other day a friend of mine asked me, “So how long are you doing this cleanse?”

I thought about my initial plan. I wanted to “cleanse” for four months from the day I started – until my birthday at the beginning of the September. When I told him, he replied, “Well, it’s not really a cleanse then is it? You’re just changing the way you’re eating.”

A panic washed over me. Had I really had my last piece of toast with honey? Pizza with buffalla mozzarella? Glass of red wine? My heart sank. Did I break-up with these lifetime companions without even really knowing it? We were so happy together.


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The Cleanse Chronicles: Collard Greens to the Rescue!

How to make wraps without the wrap using collard greens, millet and smoked tofu, by ethicalDeal guest blogger Jenn Chic

Dark Vitamin-Rich Greens(photo by Jenn Chic)

While on the Wild Rose Cleanse, I do experience some serious cravings. In the first few days bread and bread products were number one. Aside from the habit of having bread often, they are also a very convenient way to pull together a meal very quickly – think sandwiches, pizza, burritos and wraps.

While at the farmers market I saw these huge plate-sized collard greens and inspiration struck. I could steam them and use them as a wrap. They’re definitely sturdy enough for the job and packed with all kinds of goodness – I can’t really say the same for my old friend bread.

Collards are not only rich in calcium and potassium, they have all the right vitamins to make them super-powered anti-oxidants. Collard leaves fit perfectly in most bamboo steamers and only take a couple of minutes to steam. If over-cooked that’s when they begin to emit a sulfurous smell. Not so nice, so watch them carefully.

Like any wrap they can be filled with just about anything – scrambled eggs and salsa for breakfast or grains, tofu and veggies for dinner. That’s what I did.


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The Cleanse Chronicles: It’s Salad Season! Try This Spicy Hazelnut Dressing

by ethicalDeal guest blogger Jenn Chic

Spicy hazelnut dressing cleanse recipe

(photo by Jenn Chic)

Every year about this time all I want is salad. It just sneaks up on me. It’s no wonder – the abundance of greens at the farmers market is inspiring and I always come home with a bundle.

Baby Asian greens, like mizuna and mustards, make for a spicy salad. Baby kale and chard are so much sweeter when small and pack a nutrient-dense punch. Arugula is pungent and bitter and great tossed with just olive oil and salt. Ok. Maybe a squeeze of lemon, too. And the lettuces – in an array of colours, shapes, and flavours I never tire of the possibilities. Throw pansies, nasturtiums and borage flowers in for a beautiful surprise with every bite.

Inevitably around the end of September, when the greens dwindle considerably, I quietly panic and wonder what I will survive on after my summertime regime. Luckily squash season is equally inspiring.

Here’s a recipe for a dressing (Wild Rose Cleanse-approved) that tastes great with these fresh, seasonal greens:


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