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Sprouts Salad

A sprout salad that is quite possibly the easiest-to-make salad of all!

Salads are still one of the most convenient, simple, easy-to-make and endlessly flavour-changing dishes to make. Perfect for lunch or dinner, a good salad is always a great nutritional choice when reaching for your next meal. And this is quite possibly the easiest-to-make salad of all!
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California Quinoa Salad Wrap

Try this California Quinoa Salad Wrap that you and your kids will love!

Humans have consumed Quinoa dating back to the Incan Empire and it stands strong today as a versatile superfood perfect for any snack or salad. Try this California Quinoa Salad Wrap that not just you, but also your kids will love!
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Quick and Easy Recipe Book: Featuring Gluten Free Recipes

We love sharing yummy recipes with our community, so we’ve compiled this list of our favourites in a neat little package for you to enjoy. Here’s to happy, healthy fun in the kitchen!

We love helping you discover greener choices for everyday living and that includes the tasty treats on your plate.
Here’s a great list of quick and easy recipes that anyone can make! We’ve also featured some delicious gluten-free recipes too. These snacks, meals and desserts are the perfect addition to any summer picnic and will take you and your family’s meals right into the fall season. We hope you enjoy them! Feel free to download the guide and put it up in your kitchen where it’s always handy!


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