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ethicalFeature: 2014 Hope in Shadows Calendar

You support a local resident when you purchase a calendar for $20!

A community tells its story

Hope in Shadows is all about a community telling its stories. The project is based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and centres around a photography contest for low-income residents.


Hundreds of people experiencing poverty take part in the annual photo contest. Participants receive a free, single-use 35 mm film camera. They have three days to document what they value about the community they call home. An astounding 4,000 images were submitted to the contest this year! The winning photos were chosen by a panel of artists from inside and outside the community, and through a community vote.


A compelling selection of photos is featured in the 2014 Hope in Shadows calendar. Sold through an innovative social enterprise sales program, the calendar provides economic opportunities for people experiencing poverty. The model is simple yet impactful. Vendors who sign up to sell the calendar receive one free calendar to get started. After that they buy calendars for $10 each and sell them for $20 each. The profits are theirs to keep!


Framing our view of a community

Stories shape how we see the world. Hope in Shadows exists so that Downtown Eastside residents have a part in shaping how Vancouver views their community. Every calendar photo tells a story. Take this photo. An intimate view of an SRO resident’s most treasured possessions, the photo is a tribute to the importance of family and supportive environments. Hope in Shadows photographers, and the vendors who sell the calendar, want Vancouver to see, hear and share their stories.


Connect with a vendor

You can purchase the calendar from a vendor on the streets of Vancouver. When you buy the $20 calendar from a vendor, that vendor earns $10. Can’t find a vendor in your neighbourhood? No worries, you can buy the calendar online and have it shipped to you. It makes a great gift with direct benefits to your local community. Plus this high quality calendar was printed locally on 100% post consumer waste and recycled paper!


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