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Enjoy an Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day

A guide to all your Valentine needs, while staying eco-conscious!

Looking for romantic ideas to share with a special someone? We’ve got your guide for Valentine’s, everything from date ideas, chocolate souffle recipes, homemade gifts, and couple’s activities! Put on the moves of romance, and brighten up the day with your partner!

Photocredit: Flikr /  jude hill

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Handmade Valentine Gift Ideas

Show your affection through personalized handmade gifts!

Making a handmade gift is not only special, a great way to show your affection, and personalized, but also a  way to celebrate in a sustainable and eco-friendly way!  Just think of how that special person will light up with a gift that was tailored made just for them.


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Top 10 Eco-Valentine’s Gifts

Exclusive offers for an eco-Valentine's Day

Check out some of these exclusive deals for ethical, eco-Valentine’s gifts!



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