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Posts tagged ‘the vegan project’

Delicious Vegan Stuffing Recipe!

Guest post courtesy of Bridget Burns from The Vegan Project

The holiday season can sometimes be an impending cloud of doom for a vegan, especially when dining with meat-centric family members. While you may be the only one scarfing down a plant-based meat substitute in lieu of a juicy bird, there are a lot of delicious savoury side dishes you can make for all to enjoy, that don’t compromise those rich holiday flavours we look forward to all year. This Artichoke and Mushroom Stuffing will satisfy even the most discerning carnivore’s palate and have them dishing out seconds, maybe even thirds!


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Vegan Las Vegas

Recently, I had the pleasure of stealing a few days away from work to head down to Las Vegas with my besties to… eat vegan food?? Yes, that’s right! One of the pioneers of the Las Vegas strip – Mr. Steve Wynn – announced his adoption of the vegan diet not too long ago, and decided to challenge all the chefs in his resorts (with help from celeb vegan chef Tal Ronnen) to come up with special vegan menus for each restaurant in the Wynn and Encore. Since my friends and I have a blog about vegan food and vegan fun (see The Vegan Project), we simply had to fly down there to sample the menus.


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