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What Is Recyclable? Your Ultimate Guide to Recycling

Learn what is recyclable in your area

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It’s true. Sometimes I’m left standing in the kitchen, holding a hybrid plastic/aluminum/paper/tree bark cardboard box, covered in pizza residue, and have no idea whether my city will recycle it.

This of course, comes on the tail end of some new rules and regulations set by my city, including the introduction of plastic bags to the “Yes, you can” recycle list. But I never saw a press release, updated infographic, or city wide flyer sent out to inform me that it was A-Okay! In fact, I’ve been recycling them for years, without hesitation. But apparently they aren’t being recycled everywhere. Who would have known?

So, let’s talk about your city. Before I give you the general “Can & Cannot” list for you to reference when recycling, I’d like to ask you a quick favour. A simple search of “recycling” and “your city” online will bring you directly to your cities list. Familiarize yourself with your cities list, and use the one below as a quick reference guide!

So, let’s take a look at what is recyclable (recycling facilities/pick-up may vary according to your city):

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Don’t Throw Away Your Old Pantyhose – Recycle Them!

Pantyhose can be recycled.

Some people like the runny pantyhose look, some are quite skilled with the clear nail polish patch-up, and others curse baby jeebus when a run starts to creep up their legs.  Whatever you’re into, don’t throw your old pantyhose or tights away! American hosiery company No Nonsense has a pantyhose recycling program, which allows you to send away your old hosiery to be recycled and made into neat things like park benches, playground equipment, ropes and even toys!


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