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Ethical Sportswear of Olympic Proportions

Ethical sportswear is showing up more and more on athletes, and for good reason. By ethicalDeal Marketing Coordinator Meg Orlinski.

paralympic athlete

photo of a Paralympic Military Athlete by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

The Paralympics are only two days away from closing. A few olympic uniforms were eco friendly, and from companies you wouldn’t expect!


  • The London 2012 Games Maker Polo shirt is made out of 100% recycled polyester.
  • Kenyan Marathon world champion Abei Kirui wore a Nike uniform made out of recycled plastic bottles and the waterless dyeing technology of DyeCoo Textile Systems Inc. On average, textile dyeing uses an estimated 100-150 litres of water to process 1 kg of textile material. Wow! Nike is also currently the largest buyer of organic cotton worldwide. Who knew?
  • Surprisingly, MacDonald’s UK launched an eco-friendly, “closed-loop” uniform for the Olympic and Paralympic games. It was Mad Men themed and they partnered with eco-pioneer company Worn Again to tackle the sourcing process. This fall it will distribute 87,500 uniforms across the UK.

Surprisingly, that’s all we could find for sustainable athletic uniforms. This is a bit disapointing, because we all know nasty chemicals are just that – nasty.


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Paralympics & Sustainable Sportsmanship

by ethicalDeal Marketing Coordinator Meaghan (Meg) Orlinski. (This is a series on greening the Olympics.  You can read the introduction here.)

London 2012 sustainable stadium

London’s Olympic Stadium is the most sustainable in the world.

I’m experiencing Olympic withdrawal. The dazzle, pageantry, heart, pride and spirit of the Olympic games leaves us wanting more. Luckily on August 29th, the Paralympic Games will start and dazzle us once again by the best the world has to offer. This year we are being asked to meet the Super Humans. I can’t wait to get my sportsmanship fix!

The Paralympics events may be the saving grace of world sports this year. Its promotional campaign highlights that this is a game about personal triumph. Although we all loved the Olympic games, this year was particularly marred with sportsmanship-lacking scandals. Racist tweets, countless doping disqualifications, tanked badminton games, heavily debatable judging, lewd mayors, record low tickets and corporate sponsors with mismatched values took away from the true meaning of the Olympics. The original values? Friendship, Excellence, Respect. 


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Four Natural Health Products Olympians Love

by ethicalDeal Marketing Coordinator Meaghan (Meg) Orlinski. (This is a series on greening the Olympics.  You can read the introduction here.)

natural first aid Image from  

It was the fall of 2009. I had move from Toronto to Pemberton (a tiny town just north of Whistler) to pursue my own Olympic dreams of working for the 2010 “Green Olympics”. When I arrived, I landed a part-time job at the town’s local health food store. It was a fantastic job and learning experience, I recommend it to anyone! The coolest part was some of Canada’s ski and snowboard team were regular customers. Here are four of the most popular natural health products they loved to use!


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