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Natural Sleeping Tips

Try these natural tips in making the most out of your sleep!

Sleep makes up a third of our lives, and it’s the only time we can truly recover from our stressful, busy lives.  Here are some natural, eco-friendly tips to make sure you’re getting the best sleep you can!

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Trouble Sleeping? Try a Natural Sleep Aid

by Doug Stewart


Natural remedies for better sleep

 (Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight)

There are as many sleep aids on the market as there are people with an opinion of “what works”. I’ve had some experience with many of these, and tend to divide them into three camps:

1. Natural or holistic sleep remedies

2. Man-made but “occur in nature” products

3. Pharmaceuticals

Given that the pharmaceutical option isn’t a long-term solution (it’s simply a band-aid that hides the real problem) we’ll focus on the other two areas:


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Sleep Hygiene 101: How to Get Better Sleep

Inaugural post from ethicalDeal’s newest guest blogger, Doug Stewart


How to get better sleep


When you suffer from lack of sleep for a night or two, it’s no big deal. Most people experience short term sleeplessness, and manage just fine.

But what if you can’t sleep at all – and it continues week after week? Then you have a chronic insomnia problem.

Once you’ve determined that the insomnia isn’t related to another medical or lifestyle issue – like sleep apnea, medication, or caffeine too late in the day – then it’s time to “re-train you brain” to sleep. The technique most successful in this retraining is called sleep hygiene.


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