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Natural Flu Treatments

Today we’re looking at everyone’s favourite sign of fall: the flu, and some natural flu treatments you can try at home. By ethicalDeal guest blogger and Clinical Herbalist Michelle Stevenson. 

conspire to heal yourself naturally  

Photo by the Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health and Medicine 


It’s now the time of year when the weather changes, yet again.  The evenings become a little cooler,  we haul out our scarves and other wooly apparel, and we may catch a bit of a cold or flu.

I recently came down with a nice dose of influenza myself.  I had the works!  Swollen sinuses, fever and chills, fatigue, body aches.  It felt like an angry sheep was trapped inside my head and was kicking and screaming to try to escape. Despite the discomfort, I have the belief that it is important to catch a healthy dose of flu once a year.  The immune system is like any muscle or system in the body.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.  Sickness is an opportunity to give your immune system and work out and detoxify your body.

Here are a few things I did, to help make my flu experience a little shorter and a little more comfortable:


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Hormonal Acne: Preventing Monthly Breakouts from the Inside Out

Prevent monthly breakouts from the inside out

drink water to prevent monthly breakouts

Hormonal acne is a complicated issue to take on, as it happens for many reasons. A multi layered approach must be taken, which includes work from the outside and the inside. Last week I discussed some natural, whole-foods options for skincare. This week, I will illuminate some approaches to treating your hormonal acne from the inside.

It’s important to address internal causes for acne because of its relation to hormonal imbalance. It doesn’t really matter what you use on your face topically if the underlying cause is not addressed through hormone balancing.

I’m a woman who has experienced moderately severe acne, related to hormonal imbalance, at different points in my adulthood. I’ve managed to get to know my body and my skin and now know how to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. Here are a few approaches I have used over the years that have helped me greatly.


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Hormonal Acne: Preventing Monthly Breakouts Naturally

Prevent hormonal acne with this natural skincare regime


Hormonal Acne: It’s that monthly breakout along the jawline that comes like clockwork with shifts in hormones in a woman’s cycle.

There are several approaches which must be taken when treating hormonal acne in order to achieve lasting results. Today is Part 1 of natural solutions to hormonal acne, where we’ll explore skincare from the outside. Next week, I’ll discuss ways you can solve the problem from the inside.

I’m a woman who battled with adult, hormonal acne for years. It’s not easy to wear your illness on your face. When it comes to topical products, I’ve tried it all; from acid peels to laser treatments, and organic products to completely pharmaceutical grade treatments. In terms of effectiveness, there is little difference. Here are a few gems from my natural skincare regime.


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