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10 Green Parenting Tips for Raising Little Recyclers

little recyclerPhotocredit: Meghan Simington /

As they say, all things are taught by repetition! Kids are like little sponges and love to learn and do everything mommy is doing. If you’re practicing green parenting, chances are your little ones will pick up some eco-friendly habits. How can you teach your children about how easy recycling is? Try these green parenting tips!

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How to Make Face Paint for Your Little Ones This Summer

Make face paint for your kids

Have a summer birthday party? Heading out for a festival or holiday celebration? Why not mix up your own face paints for the kiddies? Learn how to make face paint that’s non-toxic, family budget friendly and good for your children’s delicate skin.


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Fun Family Picnic Ideas

Fun family picnic


With the sun shining and summer just around the corner, I thought it might be time to suggest a few easy picnic solutions for that after work dinner at the park or weekend family fun.


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