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Greener Choices Blog Series: Make Old Clothes New Clothes!

Due to popular demand, we are running a series of blog posts based on our recent 30 Days of Greener Choices Challenge! Today’s is Day 12…

One of the themes we examined in our challenge was, “Green your Style,” looking at ways to make our clothing more sustainable and eco friendly. From farmers markets and strolls in the park, to drinks on the town and arts and culture events, we have a lot of chances to show that the colour of any season is always green!


We all have them, clothes in our closet that we don’t wear, don’t give away, or just aren’t sure what to do with. That sweater that itches too much, or does fit right can be transformed into your very own circle scarf – no sewing required! The sleeves can be made into cute boot socks too! You can also turn an old t-shirt into a cute workout tank without sewing a stitch! Feeling ambitious? Handy with a needle and thread? Why not try a DIY military top refashion, or try your hand at making some chic sandals? You can also check out 10 DIY fashion projects, here!


Transforming your old clothes to new clothes is a greener choice that we love for many reasons. Firstly, did you know that cotton is one of the most polluting crops on the planet? Cotton soaks up 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of its insecticides. Leather tanneries are also behind some of the worst cases of groundwater pollution in India’s history, spilling arsenic, mercury, lead, and hexavalent chromium into local water supplies. Finally, synthetic fabrics can be harmful too. Nylon manufacturing creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide, and polyester manufacturing is also very chemical and water intensive.


This infographic is a also great visual guide on how eco-fashion is becoming more mainstream!



Photo credit Bamboo Ki

If you’re looking for an investment piece, and in the market for buying something new – take a look at the sustainable fashion on Do you have a favourite source for sustainable fashion?

There are many other ways to green your style and tons more environmental benefits for our planet. What will you do to recycle your clothes? Do you have a success story from a DIY project or piece of advice to share? Comment below and let us know how you’re greening your fashion!




Greener Choices Blog Series: Clean Up Your Tea or Coffee Break!

Due to popular demand, we are running a series of blog posts based on our recent 30 Days of Greener Choices Challenge! Today’s is Day 11…

Helping people make better choices is what we do! We want you to consider how green you are at work. Many offices have recycling programs, energy efficient lights, and other initiatives in place, but how green are we on our breaks throughout the day? Today we want you to clean up your tea or coffee break!


Many of us probably already use re-usable mugs, and if you don’t, that’s a great place to start! But have you considered skipping the individually packaged creams and sugars for larger sized options to avoid extra waste? Ditch the Keurig Cups or paper filtered coffee to a French Press to accommodate single servings or shared breaks! Another tip is to use loose-leaf tea instead of tea bags to save on paper and other resources. Also, ditch the plastic and wooden stir sticks and use a spoon instead. This avoids needless production, shipping, and waste of something only used for 5 seconds! When spoons aren’t viable uncooked linguine works like a charm, really! And of course, buy organic tea and coffee whenever possible.


This infographic is a also great visual guide on all the benefits of buying fair trade, and a great tool to use to spread the ethical message.


The coffee facts TCC v3

Photo credit Design Infographics

We love the idea of cleaning up our coffee breaks, especially for all of the good it does for our planet!Did you know the number of Keurig-Cups sold in 2013 alone would wrap around the globe 10.5 times? And every year, billions of paper packets from sugar and other sweeteners, recyclable or not, end up in landfills. Also, nylon tea bags are not biodegradable, paper tea bags are treated with harsh chemicals, and almost all teabags contain plastic sealants that aren’t actually biodegradable. If you’re in the market for a portable loose leaf tea mug, check out Libre tea glasses.


We know that there are other ways to clean up our coffee and tea breaks at the office, and even more ways in which it’s beneficial for the environment. We’d love to hear your feedback and experiences! Can you influence or impact the rest of your office? Do you drink loose-leaf tea or organic coffee? Comment below and let us know how you make your breaks green!



Greener Choices Blog Series: Re-use Your Kitchen Scraps!

Due to popular demand, we are running a series of blog posts based on our recent 30 Days of Greener Choices Challenge! Today’s is Day 10…

Living green is something we’re extremely passionate about, and we love helping people make greener choices everyday! Greening your food is an easy way we can all live better, and today we’re looking at how to re-use our kitchen scraps.

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