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The Zen of Ethical Clothing

Back the Dream of Better Fashion: Salts Organic Clothing is offering amazing deals for you!

Kickstart Your Closet with Salts Organic Clothing

Salts Clothing believes there are three big problems with todays fashion industry:

  • sweatshop labour
  • fabrics that are toxic to you and the environment
  • models that don’t represent real women

Designer Jennifer Graham is on a mission to change all that with a new collection from Salts Clothing.  The collection is ethically produced, made with certified ecofriendly materials and is body type inclusive calling on women to nurture their bodies no matter what the shape.


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Eco Fall Styles for Kids!

The ethicalDeal team welcomes eco-fashion expert and new guest blogger Angela Moorer to the team! Today she brings us adorable eco-friendly fall styles for kids.

Adorable outfit for the green child.


Want to purchase clothes for your kiddos that will make you feel good, too? Believe 
it or not, cute, eco-friendly and ethical clothing for kids does exist!

Sure, kids get dirty. A lot. They also grow through clothes like crazy. But that’s no
 reason to sacrifice the quality or the integrity of the way their clothing is made.
 Investing in eco-friendly clothing for your little ones is not only good for the 
environment, it’s good for them too! For example, choosing clothing made from
 organic cotton means avoiding absorbing the poisonous chemicals that go in
to the making of non-organic cotton. Buying eco-friendly also implants the idea of
 being green into your kids’ minds at an early age. Tell them where 
their clothing came from, what it’s made of and why it matters. Before long, the 
issue of the environmental health will be something important to them too.


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Top 5 Reasons to Shop Vintage Online

Reasons to shop vintage online

Good for the environment

When you shop for vintage clothing and accessories online, pieces have a past, and they’ve all been recycled. Shopping for vintage clothes is a great way to give back to the environment, because you’re able to shop without actually purchasing new items. When you shop online, you’re also cutting back on carbon emissions you would have created driving around to stores. All these little things add up and will make a difference on your footprint. When the day comes when you feel you’ve outgrown your vintage garment, you can donate it to a charitable organization, and this, my friends, is what I define as the vintage movement!


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