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Eco Fall Styles for Kids!

The ethicalDeal team welcomes eco-fashion expert and new guest blogger Angela Moorer to the team! Today she brings us adorable eco-friendly fall styles for kids.

Adorable outfit for the green child.


Want to purchase clothes for your kiddos that will make you feel good, too? Believe 
it or not, cute, eco-friendly and ethical clothing for kids does exist!

Sure, kids get dirty. A lot. They also grow through clothes like crazy. But that’s no
 reason to sacrifice the quality or the integrity of the way their clothing is made.
 Investing in eco-friendly clothing for your little ones is not only good for the 
environment, it’s good for them too! For example, choosing clothing made from
 organic cotton means avoiding absorbing the poisonous chemicals that go in
to the making of non-organic cotton. Buying eco-friendly also implants the idea of
 being green into your kids’ minds at an early age. Tell them where 
their clothing came from, what it’s made of and why it matters. Before long, the 
issue of the environmental health will be something important to them too.


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What Grandma Can Teach You About Being Green


(Photo by Catherine Scott)


Many of us have great memories of summer at our grandparents’ place and weekend visits filled with anecdotes and penny pinching lessons. We can now teach our children to be green, turn off the TV, and stop buying things we don’t need just by reminiscing over these times.

With my grandparents pushing their late sixties, it often felt like I was sent off to live on the set of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ for the summer. My grandmother was a woman that set her hair once a week and made everything from scratch. And my grandfather was a man that had done his time in the army and knew how to make the most out of not very much. I still laugh about what they had us do for the promise of a few quarters and bowl of ice cream!

Just think back to those afternoons with your grandparents. You will be surprised how little it cost, how much you reused and how much fun your kids will have learning the same!


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Cloth Diapering 101: It’s Easier Than You Thought!

Colourful Cloth Diapers

(Photo by Melanie McDermott)

When I began trying to sell my husband on using cloth diapers, it was harder than I expected. What could be the problem, I wondered? Cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly — disposables take lifetimes to break down, and the average baby will go through thousands of them. They’re also cost effective. The initial outlay of a couple hundred dollars to get set up for cloth diapering is nothing compared to the more than $2000 you could spend on disposables. And cloth is cuter to boot! They come in a variety of patterns and colours, with fabric options from bamboo and hemp to more traditional cotton and nylon.

But when I said “cloth diapers” my husband was picturing something like the ones my mother may have used on me: a swath of fabric that had to be wrapped and pinned on. He didn’t know how many options parents now have if they want to go cloth.


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