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Eco-Friendly Winter Getaway Prep

Green workout, tanning & swimsuit tips!

Holiday pounds weighing you down? Worried that your shape isn’t as fit for the beach as you’d like? Then get beach body-ready – the green way – with these eco-friendly winter vacation prep tips!


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Introducing Zockster: Bamboo Socks

These days you can get anything delivered to your home, from groceries to books to skincare products. We’re excited to introduce you to a new green business that delivers socks right to your door when you need them!

Zockster delivers not just any socks, but environmentally friendly, super comfortable bamboo socks! You can sign up online for automatic delivery to receive these socks monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

ethicalDeal loves Zockster because they promote wellness and care for the planet. See below for the top 5 benefits of bamboo socks.


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Trending Green Fashion and Eco-Friendly Designers

Save the Earth & Make a Statement: Green Your Wardrobe

These days fashionistas are living the green life. They’ve switched from disposable plastic grocery bags to reusable stainless steel or aluminum water bottles. Stylish ladies are even taking the bus or riding a bike across town.

The wardrobe, however, has been one area lacking eco-friendly alternatives, and the manufacturing processes used to produce clothing on a large scale leave a lot to be desired. The standard, stereotypical eco-friendly fashions, such as hemp dresses in shades of oatmeal, aren’t exactly inspiring.

Luckily, green fashion has come a long way in just a short amount of time. There are a number of brands that produce earth-friendly and mirror-pleasing pieces, from clothing to accessories. If you want to fill your wardrobe with clothes that are sustainable, organic or inspiring on the eco-friendly front, here are a couple brands to check out and shopping tips to keep in mind.

Photo: Adidas by Stella McCarney, Flickr/adifansnet

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