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Greener Choices Series: Be an Eco-Trend Setter!

Due to popular demand, we are running a series of blog posts based on our recent 30 Days of Greener Choices Challenge! Today’s is Day 5…

We all know that making greener choices is a good idea, but how do we spread the word? How do we make it cool? Our fifth greener choice is designed for exactly that! We want you to become an eco-trendsetter!


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The Zen of Ethical Clothing

Back the Dream of Better Fashion: Salts Organic Clothing is offering amazing deals for you!

Kickstart Your Closet with Salts Organic Clothing

Salts Clothing believes there are three big problems with todays fashion industry:

  • sweatshop labour
  • fabrics that are toxic to you and the environment
  • models that don’t represent real women

Designer Jennifer Graham is on a mission to change all that with a new collection from Salts Clothing.  The collection is ethically produced, made with certified ecofriendly materials and is body type inclusive calling on women to nurture their bodies no matter what the shape.


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Eco-Friendly Winter Getaway Prep

Green workout, tanning & swimsuit tips!

Holiday pounds weighing you down? Worried that your shape isn’t as fit for the beach as you’d like? Then get beach body-ready – the green way – with these eco-friendly winter vacation prep tips!


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