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Got Craft? You Should!

Everything you know about craft fairs is probably wrong. Find out what’s new and exciting at Got Craft? Dec. 8 & 9 – read on as ethicalDeal content manager Emily Wight convinces you that craft fairs are the new cool thing.

My mom and I go to craft fairs every year, usually a handful of them over the course of a weekend in December. And mostly, they are pleasant things – there is usually hot apple cider, a few pieces of peanut brittle (or if I’m very lucky, homemade almond roca), and the occasional treasure hidden among the crochet tissue box holders and rolled beeswax candles. My mom handles each of the hand-knit baby sweaters and sighs – “there’s so much work in these” – and I usually come away with a jar of jam or pickles, and maybe some homemade soap. It’s a pleasant time, but they are mostly all the same – 10 or 15 tables, and many of the same items, year after year.

Over the past few years, though, Vancouver has seen a renaissance of crafting, making and DIY and Andrea and Robert, the event-planning and wedding-coordination duo behind Lotus Events, have been leading the charge. If you too had begun to think of craft fairs as tired and always the same, then think again. Andrea and Robert, over the past five years, have been growing a community of artisans and designers, culminating in Got Craft?, Vancouver’s premier Indie, DIY and Handmade Craft Fair, which takes place next weekend (Dec. 8 and 9, 2012) at the Croatian Cultural Centre on Commercial Drive.
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Gorgeous Natural Hair Colour You Can Do at Home: Henna 101

Henna is a safe permanent dye that’s been used to colour hair, skin, and nails for centuries.

Even though henna is a great alternative to chemical hair dyes (it’s a plant whose active ingredient is something called lawsone), it has other benefits: It conditions hair, leaving it strong, thick, and silky. (Make sure you purchase pure henna or henna mixed with plant extracts, though – read the label carefully.)


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Hormonal Acne: Preventing Monthly Breakouts Naturally

Prevent hormonal acne with this natural skincare regime


Hormonal Acne: It’s that monthly breakout along the jawline that comes like clockwork with shifts in hormones in a woman’s cycle.

There are several approaches which must be taken when treating hormonal acne in order to achieve lasting results. Today is Part 1 of natural solutions to hormonal acne, where we’ll explore skincare from the outside. Next week, I’ll discuss ways you can solve the problem from the inside.

I’m a woman who battled with adult, hormonal acne for years. It’s not easy to wear your illness on your face. When it comes to topical products, I’ve tried it all; from acid peels to laser treatments, and organic products to completely pharmaceutical grade treatments. In terms of effectiveness, there is little difference. Here are a few gems from my natural skincare regime.


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