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Everyday is Earth Day on ethicalDeal


(Photo by Pudelek [GFDL] , via Wikimedia Commons)

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. Everyday, the team at ethicalDeal is inspired by people choosing to vote for fair working conditions, pesticide free farming, sustainably harvested seafood and more. Thank you for supporting our mission of making green mainstream.

Earth Day is a great time to make eco resolutions. To celebrate Earth Month here are 30 eco-resolutions to help you live a green lifestyle that’s kind to yourself and the planet 365 days a year!

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Cashew Cheese Recipe

by Jenn Chic 


Meatless Monday Recipe: Cashew Cheese

 (Vegan Cashew Cheese recipe below! Photo by Jenn Chic)


I am what some call a “flexitarian” – I eat meat three or four times a week but for the rest of the time I enjoy bolstering my diet with nuts, tofu or eggs – protein alternatives to meat. I think it’s important to understand where the food comes from that we eat – whether it’s veggies, fruit or meat – and that it has been raised ethically and with the health of the producers, consumers and planet in mind. Shopping at farmer’s markets ensures that.


Why eat less meat? The raising of conventional meat has some pretty horrible consequences. The life those animals lead is less than ideal and eating that type of energy along with all the growth-enhancing hormones and medications is hard to digest in more ways than one. Michael Pollan, an author of many enlightening books and articles about food and the food systems we depend on, is a great resource. Vancouver’s own David Suzuki also has plenty to say about the environmental concequences of how we eat.


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