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Summer Sweet Quinoa Recipe

Think outside the bowl and try quinoa: a protein-rich, gluten-free alternative breakfast staple

When switching over to a gluten-free diet, a common challenge to the transition comes at breakfast time. Take away toast, pancakes, waffles and almost every popular cereal and some people figure they’ll be starving themselves till lunch. The truth is that with a little bit of creativity you’ll be glad that Trix is for Kids and you’ve said Cheerio to your Lucky Charms.

There are many great gluten-free breakfast options and here’s just one for your to try out: Summer Sweet Quinoa (it’s pronounced keen-wah, in case you were wondering). It’s like oatmeal but it takes very little time to make. Its texture is far from mushy and my favorite part is that it’s ridiculously good for you.

Photo credit: flickr / charliebay

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Feel-Good Gluten-Free Hemp Cookies

Got the munchies? ethicalDeal blogger Brittany Eidsness shares a recipe for a sweet gluten-free treat that you can feel totally good about.

Wishing you had a tasty treat you could feel totally virtuous about? Maybe something chewy and sweet, and full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids?


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Candida symptoms with herb and spice cleanse

Imagine flowers without bees – trees without squirrels. What is the common bond? They, like the bacteria in our guts, have a symbiotic relationship that is essential for survival. We need squirrels to maintain forestation, just as we need the balance of billions of types of bacteria in our guts to ensure necessary bodily functions.

Do you experience headaches, unusual fatigue, mood swings, cravings, or a ‘foggy’ brain? Nothing to worry about - -right? Wrong. These could be signs of an unhealthy balance of bacteria in your gut.


Candida or dysbiosis

…is very common, very destructive and goes widely undiagnosed.  Conventional medicine is only starting to realize the significance of candida on our overall health. But more research is showing how we should all start taking the yeastlike, parasitic fungus a little more seriously.


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