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Posts tagged ‘baking’

Tips to Store Christmas Leftovers

Cookies, turkey and stuffing, oh my!

Turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, stuffing for days! The best part of the holiday meal is getting to enjoy it for days on end afterward. Get the most out of your holiday leftovers, and prevent early waste or spoilage with these tips for storing Christnas leftovers!


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DIY Gluten-Free Quinoa Granola Bars

Let these gluten-free, protein-packed snacks fuel your day!

If you really want to impress Santa this year, be sure to leave these by the fireplace! This granola bar recipe substitutes traditional oats for quinoa, making them a completely gluten-free, protein packed snack. The complex carbs, fiber and protein in these bars makes them great for breakfast, post-gym fuel or driving a sleigh of reindeer!

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ethicalDeal’s Vegan Holiday Cookie Exchange – Recipes Inside!

We’ve all been there – intending to bake up a storm of holiday treats for friends and loved ones, but we get caught up looking for those perfect ethicalGifts, and before you know it it’s only a few days until Christmas, and you’re lucky to find time for a single batch of sugar cookies – ambitions be darned! Here’s how it works: Get a group of people together (co-workers, friends, neighbours, etc.) and each bake half a dozen cookies, a dozen if you’re feeling ambitious, for each person involved, set a date, and share the cookie goodness!


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