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Greener Choices Series: Make Your Own Toiletries!

Due to popular demand, we are running a series of blog posts based on our recent 30 Days of Greener Choices Challenge! Today’s is Day 7…

We adore helping people make greener choices and live greener lives! This greener choice shifts the focus inwards and encourages you to green yourself by making your own toiletries!

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The Many Benefits of Tamanu Oil

Discover The Sacred Secret of the South Pacific

When a culture designates a plant as sacred, usually this means that there really is something special about it – we’ve seen this with chia and the Aztecs, cacao and the Mayans, and neem was considered sacred amongst ancient peoples of India. The Ati tree, considered sacred amongst indigenous people of Polynesia and tropical regions of South East Asia is another very special plant, and from that plant comes the amazing oil of Tamanu.


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Natural Beauty Regime Basics

Say goodbye to irritated skin for good with an all-natural, organic skincare regime!

The daily wash-up is important for keeping your skin fresh and clean, but everyday face and body cleansers likely contain petrochemicals, and other dangerous ingredients that can harm your health. The worst of these are: 1,4-dioxane, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), coal tar dyes, mineral oils, triclosan, parabens, phthalates, and triethanolamine – so avoid products with these on the ingredient list! Let these natural skincare tips guide your shopping for pre-made personal care products, or making your own green versions.


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