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Natural Painless Waxing Techniques

Keep your waxing day comfortable, without the chemicals!

What’s that saying – beauty is pain? You’ll probably agree that waxing is hardly a good time. With that in mind, there are several ways to naturally minimize and prevent pain leading up to, during and proceeding appointment day! Waxing is a long lasting method of hair removal that requires attention and care for best results. Waxing treatments can potentially result in swelling, inflammation, and allergic reactions if proper care isn’t taken. Here are 10 recommendations to naturally reduce pain and also aim to improve the end results.


1.Exfoliate prior to waxing

loofah exfoliate Photocredit: Flikr / Steve A Johnson

This will help remove ingrown hairs and unclog pores. It’s recommended to exfoliate at least 24 hours before your wax to avoid additional irritation to the skin. After waxing, the skin will be extremely sensitive, so you’ll want to wait another 24 hours before exfoliating again.


2.Schedule Smartly

You will be most sensitive to pain the week before your period, so you are best off to schedule your wax for a week or two after. Some experts even say our pain threshold is the highest during 3-5 pm. A happy hour wax, indeed.


3. Avoid numbing creams that contain harsh chemicals

Your skin is your largest organ. Anything that goes on your skin is absorbed and then sent to the liver to be detoxified. Chemical-laden lotions will burden the liver and may also clog hair follicles which prevents the wax from completely removing the hair.


4. Breathe!

breathingPhotocredit: Flikr / chintermeyer

Sure, you may not take a savasana during your wax, but now is a good time to put your breath-work into practice. Take a deep inhale as the wax is being applied and a strong exhale as calmly as possible when the wax is pulled off. Ujjayi breathe, anyone?


5. Apply soothing lotion after your wax

coconut oilPhotocredit: Flikr / Phú Thịnh Co

Chemical free lotions made with aloe vera, shea butter and coconut oil are soothing for the skin.


6. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing

After a bikini wax, be sure to dress for function over fashion. Loosely fitting, cotton soft clothing is recommended to avoid irritation and discomfort to the skin.


7. Natural anti-inflammatories may help alleviate pain.

wheatgrassPhotocredit: Flikr / stevendepolo

Fish oil, ginger, turmeric, wheat grass and green veggies are just a few natural anti-inflammatories you can incorporate into your diet leading up to and proceeding your wax. Be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before your wax, too.


8. Avoid pro-inflammatory foods.

Be sure to avoid sugar, gluten and dairy as these foods promote inflammation. Alcohol is another important inflammatory promoting substance to avoid as tightens pores.


9. Don’t show up to your wax sweaty.

Skip the spin class the day of your wax. Any moisture to the area will prevent the wax from properly sticking. Exercising after a wax can also irritate the skin, so consider making wax day your rest day.


10. Stay hydrated to promote efficient hair removal.

drinking waterPhotocredit: Flikr / Greg Riegler Photography

Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol, which are dehydrating. Being properly hydrated is essential to help with hair being successfully pulled directly from the root. If you’re dehydrated, your pores will tighten and keep a tight grip on the hair, causing it to be removed less efficiently.



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