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Hormonal Acne: Preventing Monthly Breakouts from the Inside Out

Prevent monthly breakouts from the inside out

drink water to prevent monthly breakouts

Hormonal acne is a complicated issue to take on, as it happens for many reasons. A multi layered approach must be taken, which includes work from the outside and the inside. Last week I discussed some natural, whole-foods options for skincare. This week, I will illuminate some approaches to treating your hormonal acne from the inside.

It’s important to address internal causes for acne because of its relation to hormonal imbalance. It doesn’t really matter what you use on your face topically if the underlying cause is not addressed through hormone balancing.

I’m a woman who has experienced moderately severe acne, related to hormonal imbalance, at different points in my adulthood. I’ve managed to get to know my body and my skin and now know how to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. Here are a few approaches I have used over the years that have helped me greatly.



Drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy skin. When the body is properly hydrated, the skin is healthier. Also, avoiding dehydration keeps you regular, which keeps your skin clear due to the role the “number two” plays in detoxifying the body and eliminating waste products.


It’s important to get regular exercise in order to increase and improve circulation. This will help the bloodstream detoxify the body more efficiently. If circulation is inadequate, toxins build up in the bloodstream and are metabolized through the skin. This causes breakouts and skin issues.

Eating healthy

Eating a whole foods diet throughout the month is always to your advantage, but it’s especially important during the two weeks leading up to the beginning of your period. Specifically, try to moderate intake of foods that contain animal fats such as meat and dairy. These foods are nutritious but produce chemical components in the body during metabolism, which can aggravate acne. Also, limit intake of processed and refined sugar – this will help you have a smoother, less painful period.

Stress reduction

Stress plays a huge role in skin condition — so make sure you have a good stress reduction protocol in place such as meditation, yoga, reading, gardening or anything else that helps you unwind. It’s important to engage in these activities on a daily basis.

Liver health

Liver health and its role in detoxification are factors to consider as well. Read all about liver health on my post on Loving Your Liver.

About the Author:

Michelle Stevenson is an Integrative Clinical Herbalist, Acupuncturist and Women’s Health Specialist. Connect with Michelle on her blog, Life as Medicine, and on Twitter @coalescentmedic.


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