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Seasonal Fruit 101: Chocolate Dipped Apple Chips!

A guide to seasonal fruit and a yummy apple chip recipe by ethicalDeal guest blogger Dave Lock

 Illustrationsof in season fruits from Claire Nereim.

Seasonal Fruit Calendar Illustration by Claire Nereim


You’ve noticed this before. You walk in to the grocery store, pick up a basket, and go straight to the produce section. There you see an array of fruits: pomegranate, pears, cherries, bananas, kiwi, pineapple… the list goes on. But when you get to the checkout you notice that, once again, the fruits spread out before you are the exact same ones you picked up last week.


I must say, I’m guilty of doing this.

It seems that I gravitate towards strawberries, bananas and mango, and for no other reason than they go well in my smoothies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can break the mold, and it starts with getting to know your fruits.

While perusing the internet for motivation, as one does when they write as a freelancer, I came across a perfect resource to help me learn when my fruit is in season. Having a list like this helps you get to know the different kinds of fruit available each season for you to enjoy!

Take a look at this neat infographic from


Infographic on seasonal fruits

Dave’s great apple chip recipe

Apples are in season right now, so yesterday I tried a great apple chip recipe that I turned into a dessert by simply dipping them in chocolate.

1. To start, slice your apples as thin as possible and set aside.
2. Combine: 1/4 Tbs cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, & a pinch of salt.
3. Toss you apple slices in your seasoning and throw ‘em in the oven on parchment paper at 200 for about two hours. Remember: the thinner your slices, the quicker they will dehydrate!
4. Once done, allow to cool (which will harden the chips even more). Toss a few chocolate chips (or baking chocolate) into a saucepan on low heat, along with a touch of almond milk. Once your chips melt, toss the apple chips in. Place back on parchment to dry and voila! You have a delicious dessert!

Don’t feel like having them with chocolate? No problem! They taste just as delicious without.

There are a million different recipes online that you can play with using in-season fruit. Try tangerines or strawberries in your salad, pear in your grilled cheese, or make a berry compote to have with crackers. See what I mean? The options are endless. Let me know what you come up with. In the meantime, I’m going out for a plum.


About the author:

Dave Lock is a Toronto based copywriter, vegetarian and self-proclaimed foodie. He runs Shove it Down Your Pie Hole, a successful food blog.




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