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Four Natural Health Products Olympians Love

by ethicalDeal Marketing Coordinator Meaghan (Meg) Orlinski. (This is a series on greening the Olympics.  You can read the introduction here.)

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It was the fall of 2009. I had move from Toronto to Pemberton (a tiny town just north of Whistler) to pursue my own Olympic dreams of working for the 2010 “Green Olympics”. When I arrived, I landed a part-time job at the town’s local health food store. It was a fantastic job and learning experience, I recommend it to anyone! The coolest part was some of Canada’s ski and snowboard team were regular customers. Here are four of the most popular natural health products they loved to use!


 “Let your food be your medicine.”- Hippocrates

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Traumeel is a natural and homeopathic remedy for injuries. Applied topically or ingested, it works with your body to support your body healing time and can help lead to improved mobility. I use it myself, and I notice it dramatically helps reduce bruising and speed up healing time.


Recovery is a product offered by Purica, a very reputable company in the natural health industry. Using a combination of plant derived, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that aid in reducing inflammation and helps speed up the healing process.  Excellent for anyone who is active and wants to reduce pain associated with injury, maintain joint health, or recover from surgery. I had a friend who used their dog formula preventatively, as his dog is a pure breed which tends to have hip problems. Now the dog is 8 year old and still has the mobility of a pup!


Vega is the first plant-based, all natural performance system of nutritional shakes, vibrancy bars, sports recovery accelerator, protein, and antioxidant oils. The line is designed to support you muscles, but also your nervous system, which improves performance. The creator is Brendan Brazier, one of the world’s only completely dedicated vegan Ironman triathletes. He also penned The Thrive Diet.  In 2008 I saw him speak along side celebrities like David Suzuki and George Stroumboulopoulos at my university as a part of the Students for Sustainability Tour, put on by the Sierra Youth Coalition. He spoke about the benefits of a vegan diet on the planets resources, and also about the double conundrum of how our modern population is both overweight but malnourished due to lack of nutrients due to SAD (Standard American Diet). I saw first hand that he is as passionate about the health of his customers as he is about the health of our planet.

Udo’s Oil

The slogan for Udo’s Oil is “oil the machine”, and there is a reason why.  High quality essential fatty acids increase energy, performance and stamina, strengthen the immune system, improve brain function, regulate hormones, keep bones strong, and help keep your skin, hair and nails beautiful.  This is a great product to help get you to the podium, and be camera ready to accept gold!

Many the London 2012 Olympic athletes train under a completely vegan diet and use nature’s pharmacy and eco-friendly sport products to supplement their training regine. Many successful athletes throughout history have accomplished amazing feats with only their own minds and plants – no doping of the body or planet required.


About the author:

Meg Orlinski is a Deadly Nightshade. She is fascinated about cognitive rationality and consumer behaviour as it plays out in our constantly shifting economic reality. She also likes to dress in pretty things, ride fast bikes and have dance parties with her friends.


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