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10 Green Parenting Tips for Raising Little Recyclers

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As they say, all things are taught by repetition! Kids are like little sponges and love to learn and do everything mommy is doing. If you’re practicing green parenting, chances are your little ones will pick up some eco-friendly habits. How can you teach your children about how easy recycling is? Try these green parenting tips!

10 Green Parenting Tips for Raising Little Recyclers

1. Sort recyclables: Set up a box by the garage for sorting pop cans and recyclables that are worth money. Kids love pocket change!

2. Build a compost: Teach your kids about the food waste and how it can be magically transformed into soil for the garden.

3. Sort toys: Many kids are buried in toys they never use. Why not have them help you get rid of toys and clothes they don’t want?  You can sell them at your next garage sale, exchange them for new toys at a swap meet, or even donate them to charity so kids in need can enjoy them.

4. Light police: Put your little ones in charge of the turning off lights in unoccupied rooms in your home. This will help the planet, and your electricity bill!

5. Wash dishes: Many people don’t realize how much energy and water it takes to run the dishwasher. Why not have the little ones wash the unbreakable dishes?

6. Plant a garden: Let the kids get involved in the garden and learn about growing their own delicious snacks!

7. Recycled crafts: Use family ‘recyclables’ for kids crafts! Cans, egg cartons, and jars are great for painting projects, and scrap paper is great for colouring… you never know what they will come up with!

8. Walk in the neighbourhood: Lots of families live in walkable neighborhoods and still drive to the big box stores. Why not walk more and reduce the quantity you buy to what you really need, so you can easily carry it home?

9. Get help with the laundry: When little kids realize how much work and how much fun laundry is, they will no doubt think twice about throwing jeans in the wash after one wear.

10. Pack lunches: Little kids love to have snacks on the go, but when the hunger monster attacks and you’re not prepared, you could end up buying unhealthy, pre-packaged ones. Let your little one pack their lunch in eco-friendly containers so they have all their favourites ready for snacking action!

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