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How to Make Face Paint for Your Little Ones This Summer

Make face paint for your kids

Have a summer birthday party? Heading out for a festival or holiday celebration? Why not mix up your own face paints for the kiddies? Learn how to make face paint that’s non-toxic, family budget friendly and good for your children’s delicate skin.



    • Your favourite natural, organic diaper cream or lotion
    • Corn starch
    • Natural food colouring:
      • Red: beet juice
      • Orange: carrot juice
      • Yellow: saffron
      • Green: chlorophyll, or spinach juice
      • Blue/purple: blue berry juice or cabbage juice and baking soda


    • An egg carton
    • Paint brushes (a fine round brush and medium round brush work well)
    • Sponges


1. Grab a bowl and combine a 1 tbsp of cream or lotion with 2 tbsp of corn starch until you get a smooth consistency.

2. Scoop 1 tsp into each compartment of the egg carton (max half way full to keep colors from mixing).

3. Add food colouring to each compartment until the colours are two shades darker than you desire (will dry lighter)

4. Mix thoroughly for consistent colour

Face painting tips:

  • Creams mixed with corn starch dry quickly, but be sure to tell your little ones not touch their faces until it is all dry… and be sure to paint designs thinly.
  • Set-up paints on a flat surface like a table or desk with two chairs for you and your child.
  • Use a jar full of water to rinse your brushes
  • Keep a washcloth handy to wipe off excess water or paint


About the Author:

Meghan Simington is the Founder of which offers great resources to local Tri-City moms struggling ‘Oh My Gods’ of motherhood in the first few years. She also co-founded the mom inc MOVEMENT TradeshowDirectory and Online Magazine. Quite simply a movement all about re-inventing the mom next door. Step aside June Cleaver, there is a whole new group of moms taking over!


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