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Recipe Round-Up: Healthy Canada Day BBQ Recipes

by ethicalDeal blog editor Jessica Grajczyk

Canadian and American flags on Canada Day

(Photo by Antony Pranata, via Creative Commons)

To kick off Canada Day long weekend, we’ve decided to compile some of our favourite BBQ/picnic/entertaining recipes from the ethicalDeal staff and community. To our friends down south, Independence Day is just around the corner, and these recipes are great for that celebration as well!

We chose to put together a list that accommodates a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions, so whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, omivore, or entertaining any of the above, you’re sure to find something for everyone! No matter your preference, all of these recipes are delicious, so why not try something different?

Happy Canada Day!


Canada Day BBQ/picnic recipes


BBQ’d Everything Burger – a juicy, bunless burger with unconventional grilled toppings like yams and beets! Don’t miss the link to her burger patty recipe, with a cool idea to use portobello mushroom caps as your bun. From ethicalDeal guest blogger Brittany Eidsness, RHN of Wild Lives.


Avocado Kale Salad – a creamy and zesty blend of greens from ethicalDeal’s number cruncher and blogger at Vegucated in Vancouver, Krystle Charlton.

Quinoa Burgers – a protein-packed version of the veggie burger, this is one of the most popular recipes on The Vegan Project!

Tarragon, Quinoa and Potato Salad – a mouthwatering twist on a classic, featuring tarragon, the ‘aristocrat of fine herbs’, by ethicalDeal guest blogger and nutritionist Genevieve Blanchet of Le Petit Chou.


Spicy Grilled Tofu – a simple yet flavourful recipe including tips on how to grill tofu perfectly. Use tamari instead of soy sauce to make it gluten-free. This one is a favourite of ethicalDeal guest blogger and journalist Terri Coles.


Herb Guacamole - switch up your usual guacamole with this version. Feel free to add your favourite herbs and serve with your choice of dippables. From ethicalDeal marketing consultant and raw food enthusiast Vlad Chesnakov.


Grilled Eggplant – a nutritious and simple, summery recipe from ethicalDeal guest blogger and intern, Katrina Roberto.

And last but not least, dessert! 

Blueberry Soy Yogurt Popsicles – a three-ingredient cool treat for a sunny day, courtesy of The Vegan Project!


What’s on your menu this weekend?





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