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Meet the ethicalDeal Team: Vlad Chesnakov

Vlad Chesnakov

Vlad Chesnakov, ethicalDeal Marketing Consultant

You might already be familiar with our team of green living experts who contribute to the ethicalDeal blog each week, but what about the people working hard behind the scenes to bring you great daily deals on green products and services in your city? We thought you’d like to put some faces to the deals that land in your inbox everyday, so we’re kicking off a special feature that introduces you to the ethicalDeal team.


First on the list is ethicalDeal Vancouver’s local green Marketing Consultant, Vlad Chesnakov. Not just a kind face, Vlad is also the man behind, a website he founded with his girlfriend dedicated to helping people adopt sustainable diets with nutritious, whole foods.

More about Vlad:

Before ethicalDeal: I was trying to read my 30 health newsletters every day and write an ebook on natural weight loss.

Spare time: I play board games, pet my cats, watch movies, and eat lots of really good food!

Ambition: Achieving vitality and personal transformation. Self mastery.

Words of wisdom: Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

Favourite ethicalDeal: Healthy restaurants! I don’t have just one (Vlad was responsible for bringing you the recent ethicalDeal for 50% off authentic Himalayan cuisine at Cafe Kathmandu on Commercial Drive).

Number one environmental pet peeve: When people throw away their food!

Number one way I make a difference:  Being true to my word and values and living the life I preach. And eating organic of course.


Want to reach out to Vlad about getting your business featured on, or maybe just have a chat with him about delicious, raw food? You can contact him at or 778-996-9411 ext. 6922.

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