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Meet the ethicalDeal Team: Chris Reynolds

Chris Reynolds, Partner Manager at ethicalDeal

ethicalDeal Partner Manager Chris Reynolds and his son Luke

If you’re a local green business that’s been featured on ethicalDeal, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of listening to Chris Reynolds’ captivating voice on the phone. We always ask ourselves why he didn’t pursue a career in radio, although he’s quite good at what he does here. Chris is our Partner Manager at ethicalDeal, which means he walks through the deal process with green businesses and helps determine what kind of deal would be best for them. He also manages our superstar team of marketing consultants across Canada. We can always count on Chris for tons of jokes throughout the day, his almost super-human marketing smarts, and for racking up our cliche count at the office. “At the end of the day….” we’re proud to have Chris on our team.


Before ethicalDeal: I spent most of my career at the internet marketing training company The Internet Marketing Centre.

Spare time: I spend most of my time with my wife Chaouen and our son Luke. We play Lego, soccer, board games, computer games, chasing and his all time favorite “Shoulders”.  Shoulders is when he gets on my shoulders and I pretend I do not know he is there.  We walk around the house and he switches off lights, smacks my head with blunt objects and anything else he feels like.  So if you see me rubbing my shoulders..

Ambition: I want to be a contributing factor to something big, like a movement!  I want to work hard (smart) for something I believe in and make it a great success.

Words of wisdom: Come up with great tangible goals and work very hard at reaching them.

Fave ethicalDeal: Green building supplies!

Number one environmental pet peeve: Lack of effort to do the simple things. Recycling; it is not hard to have a bin beside your garbage and sort out the recycling.  Energy Conservation; you were walking by that light so turn it off if you do not need it on.  Why is the tap running while you are brushing your teeth?

Number one way I make a difference: Recycling, home energy conservation, home water conservation.


Want to reach out to Chris about getting your business featured on, or maybe just listen to his soothing voice? You can contact him at or 778-996-9411 ext. 6919.

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