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Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment: Try This at Home!

Coconut oil is great for your hair

(photo by SingChan)

After trading my gorgeous, glossy brown locks for very, very expensive yellow hay, I’ve been in dire need of some deep conditioning. Of course, all of my friends have put in their two cents: “My hairdresser says you need a protein pack”, “Mix up some olive oil, mayo and some other stuff, slather it on a leave it overnight”, etc.

As much as I’d love for my head to smell like an egg salad sandwich, the only suggestion that sounded mildly enticing was to drench my head in coconut oil. My hair would not only be moisturized, but  it would smell super tropical, too.

After applying my own coconut oil deep conditioning hair treatment, I must say the results were impressive! My hair feels moisturized, looks glossy and iridescent, and smells terrific!


Why coconut oil?

Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a conditioning treatment because it penetrates and conditions the hair shaft, while protecting it from environmental damage. Its moisturizing properties also make it a great treatment for dandruff. It’s only about $10 a jar at your local healthy grocery store, so it’s comparable to any deep conditioner you could buy at the drugstore, and much cheaper than those fancy salon brands, plus it has many other applications!


How to do your own coconut oil hair treatment at home

You will need:

1 jar of coconut oil (you won’t use the whole thing, maybe 1/10 of it)

1 wide-toothed comb

1 hair elastic

1 hair clip

1 shower cap (or reuse an old plastic bag)

1 towel you don’t really care about



1.) When you’re almost ready for bed, grab your supplies and head into the bathroom. Make sure you’re already wearing your pyjamas, and preferably ones with a wide neck so you don’t end up getting coconut oil all over them.

2.) Scoop out a good blob of coconut oil (it will likely be somewhat solid if your home is on the cooler side, or it might be liquid if it’s hot). Squish it between your fingers and run it through your hair, scalp to ends, section by section. Repeat until your whole head of hair is nicely saturated with coconut oil. Comb it through to ensure saturation.

3.) Pile it on top of your head and secure with elastic. Wrap your head in a shower cap or plastic bag and secure with clip. This will help lock in the heat and maximize absorption.

4.) Place the towel on your pillow to prevent any residual oil from leaking onto your pillowcase. Don’t worry if it drips onto your skin a bit – it’s a great moisturizer!

5.) In the morning, hop in the shower and rinse, rinse, rinse. You may need a bit of shampoo if your hair is particularly saturated. I even used a tiny bit of conditioner to help detangle. Style as usual.

Voila! Silky, coconutty tendrils!


Other uses for coconut oil

Turns out, coconut oil has a lot going for it: it’s not only great for moisturizing skin and hair, but it also adds a hint of coconut flavour to your cooking! Try it instead of olive or vegetable oil for your next stirfry, use it to saute your veggies for delicious red lentil soup, or when making popcorn on your stovetop.

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Jessica Grajczyk


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