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Vegan Footwear: The Key to a More Sustainable, Animal Friendly Planet

Vegan, eco-friendly footwear by Colourful Grass Shoes


The fashion and footwear industry is probably one of the most polluting industries in the world. The overproduction of fashion apparel, tanning of leather, destruction of rainforests for cattle raising, and growing of soya beans that are sprayed with pesticides and genetically modified to feed cattle are just a few of the things that the fashion industry is guilty of.


Here are a few alarming statistics from the leather industry:

~ The destruction of rainforests to grow cattle is responsible for over 1,000 species going extinct every year.

~ The use of leather in fashion products kills innocent animals; about 100 every second

~ The tanning of leather with hazardous chromium poses major health risks for an estimated 1.8 million people in impoverished nations

~ Chromium wastes nearly 15,000 gallons of water and produces of 2,000 pounds of solid waste for every ton of hides it processes

~ Cattle ranching has been the primary cause of deforestation in South America, and also causes soil erosion, desertification and water scarcity around the world

~ Over 2 million children die from starvation in Central America while they fed and sell over 300 million pounds of cattle to the USA

Even with these harsh facts, making a complete shift toward sustainable purchases can be difficult when style and selection are very limited. Thankfully, more and more companies come on the market everyday with great offerings of eco and compassionate fashion apparel. How great is that? If every person can take responsibility in making more informed purchases, the whole industry will eventually shift.  It all starts by changing our individual actions. What we leave behind is all our children will have to call home.

Whether you currently have an eco and animal friendly wardrobe or not, you can start and go further on your fashion statement by choosing more non-leather goods.

About the Author:

Angele Miller is the Managing Director of  Colourful Grass Shoes, makers of stylish eco and animal friendly footwear. Colourful Grass currently has a campaign on Indiegogo. Check them out and show your support for more conscious fashion choices!


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