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Everyday is Earth Day on ethicalDeal


(Photo by Pudelek [GFDL] , via Wikimedia Commons)

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. Everyday, the team at ethicalDeal is inspired by people choosing to vote for fair working conditions, pesticide free farming, sustainably harvested seafood and more. Thank you for supporting our mission of making green mainstream.

Earth Day is a great time to make eco resolutions. To celebrate Earth Month here are 30 eco-resolutions to help you live a green lifestyle that’s kind to yourself and the planet 365 days a year!

1. Pack 100% reusable lunches by using eco-friendly, washable, reusable lunchbags, thermoses, and snack containers instead of plastic baggies and disposable lunch bags.

2. Go out to eat less and make your own food

3. Plant a herb garden

4. Live in an apartment? Plant a balcony garden

5. Green your laundry routine

6. Start composting; even apartment dwellers can!

7. Know where your food comes from – support fair trade!

8. Cut back on sugar and try a spring cleanse

9. Find a partner that shares your values

10. Host a clothing swap and update your wardrobe sustainably

11. Pledge to resize your fashion footprint 

12. Green your holiday feast from vegan stuffing to vegan irish cream drinks and vegan gingerbread cookies 

13. Foster an animal 

14. Plant a tree – it’s easier than you think!

15. Give away unused or old items on

16. Buy back to school clothes at vintage shops 

17. Make DIY household cleaning products and beauty products. Check out our friend the Queen of Green’s DIY recipes

18. Green your bathroom

19. Learn to cook a few new veg dishes

20. Collect canned goods rather than candy next Halloween

21. Use eco-friendly gift wrapping

22. Green your holidays

23. Replace pharmaceuticals with natural remedies

24. Practice seasonal eating

25. Go vegan! From cheese to beer – there are vegan alternatives!

26. Choose to cloth diaper your babe

27. Learn how to eat healthy without breaking the bank 

28. Find healthier alternatives for comfort foods 

29. Avoid preservatives, make your own condiments, sauces and more!

30. Tell your friends to join ethicalDeal so they can discover greener choices for everyday living at 50-90% off!

“In honour of Earth Month, I want to invite people that are new to our community to get $5 towards their first purchase on ethicalDeal with promo code EARTHWEEK. (*Expires April 30, 2014. New users only.)”

Here’s to green living made easy and fun!

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Annalea Krebs - Founder and CEO


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