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Visnja Milidragovic

Visnja Milidragovic Visnja Milidragovic has always been more than mildly obsessed with language and creative writing. She completed a BA in English at UBC and then decided to head backstage to complete a Masters in Publishing at SFU. During her graduate studies, she was so intrigued by “new-age” publishing, including interactive reading experiences, self-publishing, and social media, that she eventually wrote her MPub thesis on how the digital space is changing company branding.

What she’s found along the way is that new technologies are also changing the way we brand ourselves. The fact that new technologies have sped up our lives is both encouraging as well as exhausting for many of us. Visnja hopes that she can share with you her passion for healthy, happy living – with mind, body, and heart – and help you find a balance between our online and offline worlds.

She currently works in web communications and marketing for Global Mechanic Media and also blogs for them.

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