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Katrina Roberto


While growing up in Toronto, the ocean called Katrina’s name as she longed to be on the west coast. In 2010, her dream came true when she relocated to Victoria, BC. Island living introduced her to a healthier diet, an intimate relationship with yoga and crafting custom jewelry. Using sterling silver, brass and bronze, Katrina adorns metal with precious gemstones. She especially loves salvaging old pieces of jewelry and bringing them back to life in a current piece. She was also involved in the growth of a very popular line of reusable heating pads called 3SecondHeat.

Currently residing in Vancouver, Katrina is a freelance writer who studied English and Journalism at the University of Toronto. With many food allergies, she loves learning and sharing healthy alternatives. Check out her health and food blog:, and her jewelry line Fruitful Whimsies (under construction).

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