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Genevieve Blanchet

Genevieve Blanchet Geneviève is a dedicated professional, and mother of two, trained in natural nutrition and complementary therapies. She studied the principals of Asian medicine at the ICTCM in Vancouver. She trained in herbal medicine at l’Herbothèque Quèbec, Institute of Research and Education in herbology , and holds a Traditional herbalist Diploma. She also graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Geneviève is the owner of Le Petit Chou, a nutrition counseling service. Le Petit Chou blends Asian tradition and modern western nutritional science with the wisdom of the slow food movement. Based on the harmony of these principals, Le Petit Chou creates a personal diet focusing on whole foods, super foods and herbs that are best suited for each individual and takes into account their health concerns and goals. The mission is to bring renewed energy and balance back to the body, and to prevent illness.

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