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Trick or Eat

For many reasons Halloween is my favourite time of year: you get to walk into the office dressed like a cowboy and no one will judge you, candy apples (bonus points if they are local) are in high supply, people ask to be tricked, pillowcases turn into little sacks of candy magic and you can get involved with groups in your community who want to put an end to hunger.


Trick or Eat, a Halloween campaign run by the Meal Exchange, is North America’s largest youth-led food drive. Since their start in 1993 they have donated over $3 million of food and funds to local food banks and other anti poverty groups. Meal Exchange runs many events in universities, from Trick or Eat (where students go trick or treating in residences collecting canned goods for food banks) to fundraising parties, movie nights and music shows. Not only does Meal Exchange donate food and funds to local charities, but they also educate students and the community about the nature of food security and poverty in communities. They are one of the groups who are making Halloween about more than just sparkly cat ears and vampire teeth, but what if you aren’t in school anymore?

Eco-warrior Nora getting ready to Trick or Eat

We can’t let university students have all the fun! You too can commit to collecting not just candy on Halloween. If you host a Halloween party suggest everyone bring a canned good or non-perishable food item to donate to a local food bank. You could even consider having a harvest party and donating half of your backyard crop to local food charities (be sure to call ahead first to see what ones will accept perishable foods). If you will be chaperoning (or participating in) trick or treating why not put a flier in your neighbours’ mailboxes asking them to have some canned food ready? Halloween doesn’t have to be all about sugary snacks and dressing up like witches and vampires; it can be about sugar snacks and making sure food banks are well stocked while we dress like witches and vampires.


Wishing you lots of Halloween fun,
Nora at ethicalDeal


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