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The Zen of Ethical Clothing

Back the Dream of Better Fashion: Salts Organic Clothing is offering amazing deals for you!

Kickstart Your Closet with Salts Organic Clothing

Salts Clothing believes there are three big problems with todays fashion industry:

  • sweatshop labour
  • fabrics that are toxic to you and the environment
  • models that don’t represent real women

Designer Jennifer Graham is on a mission to change all that with a new collection from Salts Clothing.  The collection is ethically produced, made with certified ecofriendly materials and is body type inclusive calling on women to nurture their bodies no matter what the shape.


To fund the production of the collection, the company has launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign and is offering great rewards to backers that pledge to support the vision.  Support has been overwhelming for the project which now has 91 backers, pledging the project towards its $14,000 goal.  The goal is set to help the small company reach high factory minimums for producing the GOTS certified organic fabrics.


Of the excitement of the project, Jennifer said, “Its been such a humbling ride to watch the support rise. We are building a team of supporters with a shared dream of seeing better options for women and for the planet.” About the actual clothing products she said, “The clothing is designed to be inclusive of a large section of women. The fabrics are so soft and comfortable. I love the idea of nurturing women to spoil themselves a little bit with a piece of ethical organic clothing. Everything about it, from the story behind it to the actual product, is so empowering.”


The rewards for pledging range from stylish dresses and circle scarves to comfortable soft leggings.  All the garments are also listed at 30% off for the project so as you support a great Canadian company in doing good work; you are also getting an amazing deal for yourself.

The project has 7 more days to reach its goal!  View, share and pledge the Salts Organic Clothing collection today. 



Can A Life Coach Help You?

If you’re looking for a way to get more out of life, find happiness, and be fulfilled in your daily work and family routines – perhaps you should consider consulting a life coach. Though once considered a fringe profession, life coaches are gaining credibility. Today, they’re helping people find deeper relational intimacy, manage stress and find balance, plan their careers, budget their money, be better parents, and more. Check out how such a person may be able to benefit your life.

 Photocredit: Flikr / Thaddman


Photocredit: Flikr / Camdiluv

A Life Coach May Help You Become Content

Consider this: most people experience a return on investment 3.44 times their life coaching fees, according to an ICF Global Coaching Client Study.*

That’s not a bad investment! So how might a life coach benefit your life?

1. Set Priorities: A good life coach will help you focus on the most important tasks by setting goals and action plans rather than being beholden to the urgent.

2. Identify the Biggest Goal: For most people, there’s one priority goal that, once achieved, has a disproportionately high positive impact. A coach can help you determine what it is and plan how to seize it.

3. Think Outside the Box: By asking impactful questions that are direct, simple, encourage creativity, and require self-reflection – a life coach can help you see things from a new perspective in order to develop creative solutions.

So whether you’re looking to travel more, make a career transition, or develop healthier relationships, a life coach may be the solution to help you focus strategically and get there. Just be sure to hire a quality coach. Working with someone who is well-trained and experienced will ensure your money is well spent.

Retrieved March 29, 2014, from Fast Company:

Eco-Friendly Science Projects For Kids

There are so many amazing things to learn about the planet! Yet many kids sit at home in front of the television or computer, missing opportunities to use science to learn about the world around them. Science offers a window into the natural world through physics, chemistry, biology, and many other disciplines – and there are so many ways to bring science into your home! So encourage your kids to discover just how fantastic their world is with our totally awesome DIY kids experiments!


lemon battery

Amazing Eco Science Projects You Can Do at Home that Your Kids will Love!

If you’re looking for really cool ideas for eco-friendly science experiments you can do at home with your kids, check out this list! These ideas use common ingredients, many of which you can upcycle from your recycling bin or pantry to ensure there’s little to no waste when you’re done!


  1. Make a lemon-cell battery out of produce (not just lemons!) to teach your kids about how batteries work.
  2. Play with digesting agents to learn how enzymes work using different types of detergents and to find out about whether they can actually eat stains.
  3. Simulate an oil spill using vegetable oil and water to discover what happens in a major industrial oil spill and the types of clean-up solutions available.
  4. Learn about acid reactions by making sherbet that reacts in your mouth.
  5. Dive into carbon dating with microwave popcorn.
  6. Make a cloud in a jar using just rubber bands, a tea towel, and some matches to get a sense for how weather works.
  7. Create a pollen trap to see how plants reproduce.
  8. Assemble a DNA model using glue and string to learn more about how we are the way we are.
  9. Make a parachute from upcycled plastic to experiment with gravity and lift.
  10. Become a decomposition expert by developing a vermicompost bin with worms that break down organic waste.


Enjoy all of these experiments and more with Science-in-the-box for, and CSIRO Do-it-yourself science resources. You never know, you may have a budding scientist in your midst – it would be a shame not to fuel a curious mind!