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Top 5 Smoothies to Kickstart the New Year!

Heathy, green, organic smoothies to get your day started right in the new year!

What better way to start your day than a serious blast of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants? If you have a blender, you have access to a universe of nutrient-packed smoothie options. Smoothies are an amazing zinger if you are feeling a bit sluggish, need a quick meal on the run,  or want something to help you cleanse the system – just add all ingredients together and blend until smooth!  Read below for the Top 5 Smoothies to Kickstart the New Year!

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Have fun with plants – DIY living walls from Woollypocket!

ethicalDeal HQ got its first living wall!

We love our office but we’d be the first to admit, the walls were starting to look a little plain. So began our exciting DIY living wall project to match our office space to our company mission, making green mainstream!

We had a ton of fun picking out lots of beautiful leafy plants and assembling the best new feature of our office. Not only is the air in our office cleaner, we get to play pretend that we’re actually in the jungle and not at work now. We hope we got you inspired! Scroll down for your promo code.

Plant tips:

– Pick a theme for the wall (Eg. Lush Rainforest, Desert Succulents & Blooms, Tropical Paradise)
– Pick plants based on planter location (sunny, damp, shade, indoor/outdoor)
– Don’t over-fill your planters, like any garden it takes some time for the plants to settle in and fill out
– Check out the woollypocket plant guide for more ideas or drool over their Best of Woolly for inspiration walls


– Woollypocket planters are straightforward to install
– Custom living walls come in all shapes and sizes
– Safe for indoor and outdoor use
– Self watering (2 week supply in basin)
– We used greenery such as spider plants to help purify the air in our office
– According to the American Psychological Association a leafy office can lead to 15% higher productivity

Save 15% with promo code woollyethicaldeal on your own living wall purchase! Valid thru April 2015.



Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Triple Chocolate Easter Egg Cake Pops Recipe

It’s Easter and eggs are everywhere! But what about our vegan friends who want to indulge in egg-free deliciousness this holiday weekend?

Pure Patisserie has the perfect vegan gluten free triple chocolate cake pop recipe that is sure to be a holiday hit! And guess what? You can have your cake and eat it too because they are shaped like little eggs! Yum …

Vegan Chocolate, Gluten Free, Easter Egg Cake Pops


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Greener Choices Blog Series: Make Old Clothes New Clothes!

Due to popular demand, we are running a series of blog posts based on our recent 30 Days of Greener Choices Challenge! Today’s is Day 12…

One of the themes we examined in our challenge was, “Green your Style,” looking at ways to make our clothing more sustainable and eco friendly. From farmers markets and strolls in the park, to drinks on the town and arts and culture events, we have a lot of chances to show that the colour of any season is always green!


We all have them, clothes in our closet that we don’t wear, don’t give away, or just aren’t sure what to do with. That sweater that itches too much, or does fit right can be transformed into your very own circle scarf – no sewing required! The sleeves can be made into cute boot socks too! You can also turn an old t-shirt into a cute workout tank without sewing a stitch! Feeling ambitious? Handy with a needle and thread? Why not try a DIY military top refashion, or try your hand at making some chic sandals? You can also check out 10 DIY fashion projects, here!


Transforming your old clothes to new clothes is a greener choice that we love for many reasons. Firstly, did you know that cotton is one of the most polluting crops on the planet? Cotton soaks up 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of its insecticides. Leather tanneries are also behind some of the worst cases of groundwater pollution in India’s history, spilling arsenic, mercury, lead, and hexavalent chromium into local water supplies. Finally, synthetic fabrics can be harmful too. Nylon manufacturing creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide, and polyester manufacturing is also very chemical and water intensive.


This infographic is a also great visual guide on how eco-fashion is becoming more mainstream!



Photo credit Bamboo Ki

If you’re looking for an investment piece, and in the market for buying something new – take a look at the sustainable fashion on Do you have a favourite source for sustainable fashion?

There are many other ways to green your style and tons more environmental benefits for our planet. What will you do to recycle your clothes? Do you have a success story from a DIY project or piece of advice to share? Comment below and let us know how you’re greening your fashion!