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Zwell - National 51% off 2 bottles of drug-free sleep supplements ($59 value)



  • Value $59.00
  • Discount 51%
  • You Save $30.00
  • [Image: 51% off 2 bottles of drug-free sleep supplements ($59 value)]

Fine Print

Must redeem voucher online between Oct. 30 and Nov. 13, 2012. Limited quantities available. Limit 2 per person. May buy 2 as gifts. Tax included. Shipping not included, and to be paid at checkout. All orders shipped with one $25 voucher toward next purchase. Not valid with other offers.

See redemption instructions for details or read the deal FAQs for the basics.


  • Includes 2 x 60-cap bottles of Zwell sleepZ
  • Highest purity pharmaceutical melatonin
  • Compare at retail price $59 plus tax
  • Includes $25 voucher toward next purchase

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October 29, 2012 at 12:00:23 AM

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Discover what's ethical about today's deal!

Cares For The Planet

  • Offers 100% drug-free natural health products sourced from non-GMO, natural and organic ingredients from around the world

Respects Animal Rights

Benefits the Community

Promotes Wellness

  • Offers 100% natural health products, sourced eco-responsibly from around the world, that promote optimal weight, cardiovascular health, reduced joint pain, enhanced immunity and more
  • Is a member in good standing with the Canadian Health Food Association
  • Offers Zwell Community Members access to natural health information from a global committee of Trusted Advisors, experts in natural health, nutrition, exercise and anti-aging



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Redemption Instructions

1. Purchase this ethicalDeal voucher (find it on your My Stuff page after purchase)
2. Starting Oct. 30 until Nov. 13, 2012, redeem your voucher at: http://bit.ly/WA5eCi
3. Enter your voucher # in the voucher code field

Shipping: $8 flat fee shipping in Canada, $12 for shipping to the US.

To redeem more than one voucher and pay only one shipping charge, contact Zwell directly at 1-877-993-5522.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Deal Description

Why We Love It

Why We Love It

The worst thing about not getting a good night's sleep is losing sleep over how little sleep you're getting - counting each successive hour lost as the numbers on your alarm clock glare back at you menacingly. Getting enough sleep each night is crucial to your health and wellbeing - people who don't get enough sleep can experience weakened immunity, depression, and increased appetite, headaches, and high blood pressure. Zwell's Great sleepZ contains the highest purity melatonin available, with a timed release to ensure a longer, better-quality sleep with fewer wake-ups. It's drug-free and non-habit-forming. Your voucher includes two 60-capsule bottles of Zwell Great sleepZ ($59 value), clinically proven to improve your natural sleep rythyms. You also get a $25 voucher toward your next purchase from Zwell!

About Zwell

Zwell is a respected online retailer specializing in 100% natural health products sourced eco-responsibly from around the world. Committed to promoting natural wellness, Zwell offers products for people interested in improving joint, bone and cardiovascular health, boosting immunity and manage body weight.

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